What makes a good wedding DJ?

Finding a “good” DJ for your wedding can be daunting. There are many DJs to choose out there, but what are some characteristics that make a good DJ? What are some factors that you should consider?

Although there’s really not a definitive checklist on what to look for in a good DJ, here are 3 quick basics that I think all good DJs should have.

All good DJs should…

  • …know their music. They should know their songs inside and out. They should know exactly when the bass kicks in and exactly when the vocals come in. They should know when the chorus starts and how many bars to count (8, 16, 32, etc.). These are cue points for which they can either start, stop, or transition tracks. They should also know when to cut out a track if it’s too obscure or if nobody is dancing. Ask the DJ for any sample music or mixes.
  • …know their audience. They should be able to scan the room and know how to play to the average age of the crowd. This will help them know if they can drop some old school or if they need to stick with current top40. Ask the DJ what types of gigs they have done in the past.
  • …know their gear. Good DJs should have an in-depth knowledge of their gear and should have no problem setting up and breaking down. They should know how loud their sound equipment and how far their system can project. They should know what lighting would enhance the venue or dancefloor. Ask the DJ specifically about their equipment and what they think would fit best for your venue.

So when you evaluate DJs for your upcoming event, consider the points above.